Welcome to the beautiful world of Essential Oils!

Essential oils have been around since the days of the Egyptians.  They were used for many different thing in ancient times.  Ranging from medical usage to beauty treatments.  Oils were also used for embalming Pharaohs and often buried with them to take to their next life.

Ancient civilizations discovered the benefits of essential oils and they were used medicinally for years until medical care began to change and pharmaceutical drugs began their appearance.  Ancient medical treatments were pushed to the wayside to make room for the new and improved medicine that was manufactured quickly in a laboratory.  

Modern medicine is an amazing discovery but forgetting about natural healing methods left a gaping hole in the medical system.  Many new medications produced horrible side effects that were often not known until it was 20 years later.  Natural Medicine is safe and often more effective.

Decades later people began to realize that it was just as important to include natural health remedies.  Most people have explored some sort of natural medicine in their life.  This has created an explosion in the need for proper education in the area of natural health.  

Since my early 20’s I was practicing natural health care going from energy healing, massage, yoga, meditation, herbs and to aromatherapy.  I also help my clients by using a heart centered form of coaching to help them find their inner guide which will lead them to their ultimate truth.  

In order to purchase, blend and use essential oils on yourself or loved ones it is not necessary to be a certified aromatherapist.  Although it is important to remember that Essential Oils should be considered medication and it is best to gather some knowledge before buying them and applying them to your body.  

Now this is where I come in.  I am a doTerra Natural Health Consultant and love to provide education to essential oil users.  My education is always free in a effort to spread the healing powers of essential oils.  When looking for a company that you can trust and feel good about is when doTerra comes into the picture.  The benefits that this company provides to its consultants and customers surpasses all others.  This is why I am so excited to not only educate people but provide them with a place to buy quality products that will produce the desired effects.

Stay tuned for more information on how and when to use essential oils!



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