Heal with Essential Oils

When I was first introduced to essential oils they were a novelty to me.  I would use them to freshen up my home and loved that I didn’t have to burn a candle.  But after using them for a bit I noticed that when I diffused certain oils I felt differently.  Since I diffused for a pleasurable scent and also started to used as cleaning supplies I noticed that I was feeling great when cleaning!  Oils that are used for cleaning have such an uplifting scent that not only the oil work it’s antimicrobial properties on the counter tops it also is energizing when inhaled.  I challenge any other cleaning company to tell me that side effects from using their products are energy, happiness, contentment, along with wiping away bacteria all without one negative influence on the creatures big and small that may be around.

I will never ever return to traditional cleaners and do not even see it as an option.  So among the numerous other benefits essential oils will replace your cleaning products, reduce medical expenses and replace your beauty and bath products.  You will find out how learning to care for yourself and family naturally will actually save you money.


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