And we are off…..

I am so excited to start this blog that I will use to relay education in the area of natural health.  This site will provide you with upcoming classes that will be held on zoom.  For now the classes are free since I just would like to spread the use of essential oils to every home and provide people with the proper information in order to use the oils correctly. We often forget that oils just like herbs are medicine and need to be used with caution.  We will be starting at the beginning and I will take you from what an essential oil is all the way to end products as well as the recipes to make your own luxury aromatherapy products.

I look forward to blogging not only about essential oils but also yoga, Ayurveda, positive psychology, nutrition, physical exercise, meditation, energy healing as well as any other form of natural medicine that is of interest to you.  Please be sure to let me know what you would like to learn about by typing in the comments.

Eventually I am hoping to offer some certification programs via zoom and those I will nee to charge for.  I haven’t created any classes yet but hope that you all will guide me in what direction you would like to go.

I look forward to learning from each other.  We will never have all the answers yet we wouldn’t want them, what would we do with our time and intellect then???



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